Lunar Vibrance

Lunar Vibrance

Vibrance has a plethora of meaning. It can be used to describe someone, or something full of life and energy; there is a vibration to them. In the world of color, vibrance refers to the mid tones. It is often confused with saturation.

The Lunar Vibrance series derives from an image I captured at Fremont Peak, California, Summer of 2020, during COVID-19.

I was there to photograph the NEOWISE comet – the peak is 3,000 feet above sea level. There were many people there for this event. As the sun set, I was given this glorious view of a crescent moon hanging above the coastal fog.

This remains one of the most unique images I have captured. I’ve made three versions showing different levels of vibrancy. You can purchase them individually or as a triptych. Contact me direct to learn more.