Lunar Vibrance

Lunar Vibrance

Vibrance has a plethora of meaning. It can be used to describe someone, or something full of life and energy; there is a vibration to them. In the realm of color, vibrance refers to the mid tones. It is usually associated with, and often confused for saturation.

My Lunar Vibrance series derives from an image I took from the summit of Fremont Peak, California, in the Summer of 2020.

I was originally there to photograph the NEOWISE comet – the peak is 3,000 feet above sea level. Upon arrival, I learned that you need to show up early to get a good spot. As the sun began to set, amongst this audience of photographers, I was given a glorious view of the crescent moon hanging above the coastal fog.

I may not have had the best spot, but once I saw this, I didn’t care so much. It still remains one of the most unique images I have ever captured. I now offer two additional versions, covering the “warm” and “cool” ends of the vibrance spectrum. Surely there is one that will compliment your style and decor.

Please contact me directly for inquiries on custom sizing and materials.