Cypress Silhouette

I came across 100ASA by way of 500px which is a widely known social photography community.

100ASA has a different type of sharing model and more stringent rules. In order to post something of your own, you need to curate other people’s work. Curate 10 photos and you can post one of yours. You can also subscribe to a paid membership and get more posting privileges.

Cypress Silhouette‘ was my first post and it was well received.

Not long after, there was expressed interest in prints. They were kind enough to send back pics.

I was very happy to see how it turned out. The edges of the canvas fold over the wood frame, so each side has its own unique element. One has stars, another earth, then sky and ocean. Canvas may have worked better than a flat medium (like acrylic, or metal) just for that added dimension.

Modern Poster Mockup #19 by Anthony Boyd Graphics

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