Greg Harris is a professional photographer who specializes in cutting edge lighting techniques to create extraordinary art. As an award winning published photographer, Greg has photographed in many of the world’s most beautiful locations including Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. Greg knew that he was attracted to creating art at a very young age. As a kid he was always drawing, designing, molding things out of clay, and sketching under his desk instead of taking notes in class. After high school he went on to study digital media and fine arts before starting a successful career in technology working for top companies and institutions including Google and Middlebury College.

At age 30 when Greg moved from his hometown, Reston, Virginia to Monterey, California, it was the vast impressive coastline that inspired him to pick up a camera and capture what he saw. His work has been widely acclaimed and in recent years he has been recognized for his innovative view of astrophotography and landscapes. Currently he helps commercial clients to create compelling images for marketing, social media, and advertising.